2017 AirAndEnergy lgStewart & Trudy Moon
President and Owners,
Air & Energy, Inc.

Tell us about your business and what you do?
Air & Energy is a local Air Conditioning, Plumbing and Electrical company. We’ve been serving Manatee County for over 33 years!

What makes your business stand out?
It would be our personalized service. We’re lucky enough to have amazing long-term employees… and because of that we can provide a level of care that is simply un-matched. We like to brag about our concierge service!

Why have you been successful?
I would owe our success to years and years of consistent quality service…which doesn’t come easy! We work hard every day to make sure each customer gets the best care. We also are very, very connected in this community on many levels. Serving and giving back is very rewarding, both personally and for business.

What advice would you give for someone planning to do business in Manatee County today?
Get involved! There are so many ways to get connected in this community and all of them will be fruitful in some way. The Chamber is a great way to start with all their wonderful resources to help you. Connect!

Why did you choose to be involved in ‘Together Manatee’?
Simple - it allows of a group of individuals to have a greater collective impact than they could on their own. I also believe great ideas come from the combination of everyone’s experiences in our community.