2017 John Horne lg
John Horne

Owner and President,
Anna Maria Oyster Bar/AMOB On The Pier

Tell us about your business and what you do?
We’re in the people-pleasing industry… everyone that goes to a restaurant is looking to have a good time… no one goes out for a bad time… our job is easy; welcome the guest, give them what they ask for with a smile on our faces and let them enjoy and pay and go home feeling that they just received excellent value for dollar. As Dudley Moore said in Arthur, “Aren’t waiters great, you ask them for things and they bring them.”

What makes your business stand out?
We are in the community as well as in the buildings… we believe in our community and we’re not afraid to show it. We have the best staff anywhere, and they stay with us for years because of the way we treat them… our humanistic approach to our staff creates an environment of caring staff that feel the same way to their guests. We also have fun every single day!

Why have you been successful?
Because of the way our staff treats our guests… it’s a tired expression but it fits us perfectly… we’re like family at the Oyster Bars… our guests know as much about their servers as our staff know about our guests in many instances.

What advice would you give for someone planning to do business in Manatee County today?
Get involved in Manatee County as soon as you can… get your business up and running then look outside of the 4 walls as well… this is Paradise, Utopia, Eden and Serendipity all rolled into one fabulous region here on the Gulf Coast. Help keep it that way!

Why did you choose to be involved in ‘Together Manatee’?
It certainly screams out what we believe in, Together Manatee, together we can do so much more than individually… we have a fabulous group of like-minded businesses that have so many different ideas on how we can keep Manatee County moving forward and keeping it as THE place to live and work AND PLAY anywhere. With this many people pulling together… it has to be successful.